Breast Augmentation for Mild Sagging (Ptosis)

Indianapolis, Indiana

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If you are a woman looking to address mild breast sagging, breast augmentation may be the right solution for you. Breast implants have the ability to address some amount of sagging so that you can get the results you desire. Breast implants have the ability to fill out loose or sagging skin by restoring the volume you have lost.

The best way to learn if breast augmentation can correct your mild sagging is to schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata, who can evaluate the causes and degree of breast sagging to determine the right procedure for you. To schedule your consultation, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery.

Causes of Breast Sagging

Breast sagging is most commonly due to the effects of gravity and as the breast tissue loses its’ elasticity with age. As gravity pulls on the breasts, the skin and support tissue of the breast may become stretched and the breast will gradually sag and lose its’ youthful shape.

Another cause of breast sagging is the loss of volume in the breast that can occur following pregnancy or weight loss. When this occurs, the skin of your breasts is partially empty and will naturally sag.

How Breast Augmentation Corrects Breast Sagging

Breast augmentation can easily correct breast sagging due to lost breast volume. The breast implant replaces lost volume and restores the breast to a volume that is naturally suited to the size of the skin envelope.

Breast augmentation can also correct breasts that are sagging due to the effects of gravity as well. When breast implants are placed in a submuscular position (behind the chest wall muscle), they can support the natural breast tissue. Silicone breast implants supported in a submuscular position are best for correcting this type of breast sagging.

When a Breast Lift Is Necessary

A breast lift is generally necessary for anything more than a mild case of sagging, or ptosis. In a breast lift, the breast is reshaped to restore a more youthful breast appearance. This is generally necessary when the natural breast tissue has fallen too far below the level of the breast fold. When sagging due to aging and gravity is combined with a loss of volume, a breast lift with breast augmentation is the best solution.

Schedule Your Consultation

The only way to determine whether breast implants will be able to address the sagging of your breasts is through a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata. He will evaluate your breast tissue and the degree of sagging to determine the treatment that will give you the best results. To talk to Dr. Fata, please call or email Renaissance Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.