Tubular Breasts

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Tubular (or tuberous) breast deformity occurs when the base of the breast is very narrow, causing the breast shape to look like a cylinder or tube. In severe cases, the breast tissue that is present appears to be bulging under the nipple. Tubular breast deformity can affect one or both breasts. In either case, a good result can be obtained, although in some cases a breast lift may be necessary. If you are affected by this type of breast deformity you may have difficulty finding clothes that can give a normal appearance. You may feel self-conscious on a daily basis, and may be especially nervous about situations that involve wearing revealing clothes or exposing your breasts.

If your tubular breasts cause you to feel self-conscious and you would like to achieve an appearance you can feel confident in, Dr. Joseph J. Fata may be able to help. To learn more about tubular breast correction, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.

Tubular Breast Correction with Breast Augmentation

Tubular breasts care caused by a narrow breast base, and the appearance of your breasts may also be affected by an enlarged nipple, herniation (bulging) of the tissue under the nipple, and fibrous tissue that constricts the shape of the breast.

Treatment of tubular breasts requires expansion of the base of the breast or breasts. This is typically accomplished by removing or releasing fibrous tissue that may constrict the shape of the breasts and inserting breast implants, and silicone breast implants are preferred because they are superior at improving breast shape. When only one breast is affected, an implant is selected so that the corrected breast matches the natural breast. When both breasts are affected, breast implants will be used in both breasts to create a symmetric pair of breasts.

Sometimes, there is excess skin and sagging associated with the tubular breasts. This may require a breast lift to correct. Enlarged nipples and breast herniation behind the nipple can be corrected as well. Depending on your goals, they can be corrected during the same surgery or during a subsequent surgery.

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